Fully Chartered

Kibabii University is a fully charted University offering course driven programmes. In the Above Picture The President and Deputy President in a past Event

The Graduate School of Kibabii University has a well established graduate faculty. Under the leadership of the University Senate, more qualified personnel are being hired to strengthen the quality of research work

Well Established Graduate Faculty

State of the Art Facilities

The School has a Boardroom and special classes for graduate students. Plans are underway to introduce smart boards in the Classroom

The School has a well established Post Graduate E - Library Section in the library. The E- Library can be accessed from outside the university hence easy research

Good E - Library Services

Peter Wamalwa Succesfully Defends his Thesis

Peter Wamalwa successfully defended his thesis and is waiting graduation. The school of graduate studies wishes to congratulate peter for his achivement

VisionMissionCore ValuesObjectivesPhilosophyMotto

To become a reputable world class school that offers interdisciplinary space to train and nurture intellectual faculties for knowledge creation and application.

To provide a strong and supportive infrastructure for post graduate training by encouraging intellectual and social interactions across disciplines

1. Integrity




5.Team work

1.To co-ordinate graduate academic programmes

2.To establish rules and regulations relating to graduate studies

3.To co-ordinate the development of graduate programmes in conformity with the general university and Commission for University Education regulations for higher degrees.

4.To co-ordinate the admission of graduate students and conduct of graduate programmes

5.To encourage the publication and dissemination of graduate research findings including securing of intellectual property rights.

The philosophy of the school shall embody originality, truth, preservation and innovation

Seek Teach and Disseminate Truth


prof boardProfessor Stanley Ngome Mutsotso (PhD)
Associate Professor of Education (Instructional Technology)
Dean School of Graduate Studies
Department of Curriculum and Instructional Technology
Faculty of Education and Social Sciences

Tel +254(0)721-548-523
Email: smutsotso@kibabiiuniversity.ac.ke

The mandate of the school is to coordinate all post graduate matters including development of programmes and admission of graduate students. The programmes on offer are market driven and highly popular. Additional new programmes are being developed by the respective schools and departments. By end of 2014/2015, the school had a total of 340 students, male 135 and female 66. The school expects 10 students to graduate this year. For the academic year 2015/2016, a total of 24 new students, male 15, female 9 have reported.

State of the art SGS boardroom has been established and now in use. The boardroom location is Academic Block B, room ABB 108. Special class rooms have been set aside with special facilities for post graduate teaching. Qualified graduate faculty has been hired per department to teach graduate programmes.

The vision of the school is to become a reputable world class school that offers interdisciplinary space to train and nurture intellectual faculties for knowledge creation and application. The mission of the school thereforeis to provide a strong and supportive infrastructure for post graduate training by encouraging intellectual and social interactions guided by the values of integrity, respect and meritocracy.

The school is committed to ensuring that students complete their graduate studies on time. To realize this,a tracking system of all registered students is being developed to monitor the activities of students and their supervisors including the set timelines. More importantly, the school will remain faithful to its philosophy of originality, truth and innovation and as a custodian of the prescribed Commission for University Education graduate standards

IMG_20151015_131857History of the School of Graduate Studies

The school was established in July 2014 with the appointment of the first dean, Prof. Stanley N. Mutsotso. Since then the school has grown both in the culture and the structure. In terms of culture, a board has been constituted and it is functional. The number of post graduate students has grown since then. At close of 2014/2015 academic year, there were 201 students. Processing of research proposals has been steady and general mood of the students is good. Graduate academic integrity policy has been approved by the University College Academic Board and they have been uploaded to the University College Website. In terms of structure, the school has grown in bounds for the last one year. Classroom specially set aside for post graduate students have been established with special facilities to provide comfort to the students and enhance Instructional process.

Spacious offices with state of the art furniture have been purchased. Of course more needs to be done to provide shelves and cupboards. SGS boardroom has also been allocated to the school with capacity of about 80 and well furnished. A store room for safe custody of students proposals and thesis have also been allocated to the school and it is in use. The dean has worked hand in hand with deputy university librarian to ensure adequate library resources are availed to the graduate students. To this end, a post graduate only section has been created in the library to further this objective.


Graduate Programmes at KIBU

The School of Graduate Studies offer the following courses in the respective faculties and schools. For detailed information please Download our brochure in the link below

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  1. Masters Programmes
  2. Master of Education ( Curriculum & Instruction)
  3. Master of Education (Education Management and Policy Studies)
  4. Master of Education ( Guidance and Counselling)
  5. Master of Arts (Religion)
  6. Master of Arts (History)
  7. Master of Education ( Education Planning and Management)
  8. Master of Education ( Kiswahili)
  9. Master of Arts (Comparative Literature)


  1. PhD in Curriculum and Instruction
  2. PhD in Education Management and Policy Studies
  3. PhD in Religion


  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Education



  1. Master of Science (Physics)
  2. Master of Science ( Applied Mathematics)
  3. Master of Science ( Pure Mathematics)
  4. Master of Science ( Statistics)
  5. Master of Science (Biostatistics)
  6. Master of Science (Chemistry)
  7. Master of Science (Botany)
  8. Master of Science (Zoology)


  1. PhD in Chemistry
  2. PhD in Physics
  3. PhD in Mathematics



  1. Master of Science in Information Technology


  1. PhD in Information Technology



  1. Master of Business Administration
  2. Master of Science (Human Resource Management)


  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology

The following Candidates have been scheduled to defend their thesis on 3rd November 2016.
1. Titus Sifuna Munene MED in Curriculum and Instruction 8.30 am
2. Nelson Muhati MSC in Statistics 2.00 pm
3. Oliver Wanyama MSC in Physics 2.00 pm

The following Defence are Scheduled for 2nd November 2016. All are welcomed
1. Daniel Otanga PHD in Information Technology starting 8.30 am
2. Tobias Otibine MSC in Information Technology starting 11.00 am
3. Edward Savatia MSC in Information Technology starting 2.00 pm
The venue of the defence is SGS Boardroom (ABB 108)

Gallery of the Week

Peter Wamalwa from the department of Curriculum and Instruction doing Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction Successfully defended his thesis entitled ” Factors Influencing Teacher Perception towards implementation of SMASSE in Bungoma County “. His Supervisors where : Prof S. N. Mutsotso and Dr. Edwin Masibo. Photos from this event are the Gallery of the week. Click on any photo for more Information


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