Graduate Students Publications

KICD-1024x687 The School of Graduate Studies students have made the following publications. Contact any using the email provided.

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Sno. Details Department Publications Contact
 1 Faraji Anduku
Faraji Anduku
  • Effect of Branding Strategy on Perfomance of Public Sugar Manufacturing Firms in Kenya (2016), Faraji Anduku Yatundu, Geoffrey Sokoine Abuga and Gordon Olala. ISSN: 2319-6505
  • Brand Awareness and Its Effect on Performance of Public Sugar Manufacturing Firms in Western Kenya, (2015) Faraji Anduku Yatundu, Kennedy Ntabo Otiso, Fozia Nurwin Rajab
 2 Faraji Anduku
Batoya Isaac
Information Technology  

  • Social Technical Integration Framework on ICT Readiness in Education